Saturday, January 7, 2012


It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks at the brewery. We got the green light to start building our new space and walls started coming down, equipment got on trucks and the jackhammers started pounding away. The whole Cismontane extended family has been chipping in and we have made progress. If we keep up this pace we will be finished in a few of weeks… maybe. Either way, we won’t rest until the project is done and the beer is flowing again.

Because I know everyone is interested in the stats:


  • 1591 sqft (395 tasting room, 1,196 brewery)
  • 75 barrels of fermentation
  • 60 barrels of storage
  • Production was about 600 barrels last year


  • 3,187 sqft (530 tasting room, 2,657 brewery)
  • 105 barrels of fermentation
  • 90 barrels of maturation / lagering
  • 60 barrels of storage
  • We are hoping to do about 1500 barrels next year (A whopping 0.6% of Stones Annual Production for 2011!)