Thursday, August 2, 2012

A New Beginning

Mountain biking is alive and well in California... the hub of which is inarguably South County.  Every Saturday the roads and trails are filled with diehard gearheads, and weekend warriors; competitive groups hell-bent on 25+ miles and friendly neighborhood groups sneaking in a quick run before the 80+degree weather hits.
Truck beds are filled to capacity as dirt fiends head out to The Luge, Santiago Oaks, San Juan, Whiting, Laguna and Aliso Woods; looking for that perfect line and jostling for position up and down the steepest trails in Southern California.   Born and Bred in Orange County, I am amazed that to this day I continue to be awestruck by all the beauty it has to offer.  More often than not from a vantage point atop a mountain bike, with close friends and a cold beer in hand.

On any given day you can probably find one or two members of the Cismontane crew working up a sweat on the terrain which so graciously provides the inspiration for our tastiest brews.  Craft beer and mountain biking movements have grown hand in hand: Northern California, Colorado, Oregon and now Southern California.

We are happy to be hosting monthly rides, with the help of many of our loyal patrons and hope to be doing more mountain bike related activities in the future.  Cismontane is gearing up to be THE mountain bike headquarters in Orange County.  We have some great events lined up, so keep your eyes peeled and we look forward to seeing you on the trails!