Thursday, May 28, 2009

What does it all mean?

Sometimes questions provide more answers than the answers themselves. For instance: What is brewing? Cismontane?

These are pertinent questions that begin to provide a sip of background into what we are doing by the barrel, what we believe you know in your bones, what your eyes absorb as their daily bread, and what is delicious by the pint. For context let’s just start with the obvious, BREWING.

If you read that, good now you know what brewing is not. What it is, is a combination of art, science, history, food, and self-sacrifice in fluid form optimized for human (and some animal) consumption.

Cismontane (see the paragraph “Geographical regions”) is truly diverse in individuals, is the foundation of a culture coveted, the tactile beauty of urban and ecological wonder, and the fundamental roots of our experience. The magnetic draw of this geographical region is measured by what is possible and what has been accomplished.

But honestly, who cares? The citizens cismontane do, and so should you. We stand proud in our beliefs and where we are, like mesoic granite protruding at the base of a continent, forcing the flow of the Sespe River to the sea. We travel our domain like nomads of the promise land, beer in hand to quaff the insatiable thirst that follows us from the sand on the beaches to majestic mountain peaks, from the golden grass and oak savannahs to the chaparral climbing the cliffs above the pacific. This is where we reside, flourish, live, struggle, and preserver.

This marks the beginning of our brewery, and the beginning of something beautiful. A culmination of cultural experimentation passed down through the centuries that finally fermented into what we call Cismontane Brewing Co.

Mash that in a pot full of hand crafted malted grain, boil it with fresh flavorful hops, release the yeast to bring us into fruition, and when it is all said an done… pour a pint and enjoy what you have come to know as home.

Cheers to all… any questions?

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