Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ribbon is Cut!

The opening weekend was a hit. Huge thanks to all of you that made it down/up/over to the brewery. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support and participation. Family and friends came from all around for the experience, beer, and brewery tours.

Saturday was the main attraction with a ribbon cutting, DJ, raffle, and free snacks! The place was packed with brewery fans and supporters from all over Cismontane California. Kristy Chu, from the Orange County Register, was there and followed up with a
great story and pictures.

Sunday was also a blast with more of the same. We sold out of growlers by 3pm and started filling coffee cans and shoes to make up for the lack of supplies. Okay, so we didn’t fill shoes and such, but the growlers are gone for sure.

Thanks again for everyone that came and to the restaurants in the center that helped with catering: The Neighborhood Grill, Celinda's Mexican Food- closed Sunday, Scott's Donuts and Deli, and El Fenix Carniceria.

We are all about great times, good people, tasty snacks, and delicious brews to wash it all down. -Cheers

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