Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day, but yesterday was not Mother’s Day, it was Sick-One-Saturday.

Johnny’s thoughts on making stuff to use:
‘The culmination of a creation’s beauty lies in it’s use. This is the precise reason that my favorite things to make by hand are functional. Just as beer is more satisfying out of a hand blown pint glass, a finely shaped glass functions only to it’s full potential when it carries carefully hand crafted beer. Sitting in a brewery owned and operated by close friends while enjoying just such a combination is the polar opposite of drinking a light beer in a plastic cup amongst strangers.’-Johnny

Evan’s thoughts on making stuff to use:
"My friend Johnny is a sick glassblower, and he made these sick cups, and so we wanted to make sure they worked, so we filled them up with sick brew, and they work sick and we slammed beer, sickones. Check the sick sequence of action shots and other sickness. Sick." -Evan

Bottoms up..........

Wet tested and approved for functional applications.

-Happy Mother's Day

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