Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Hi there May, Leaving so Soon?

The expansion is so close to being done it’s not even funny.  This is the first week all eight tanks have been connected to our new, weapons-grade glycol chiller.  Digitally controlled fermentation and maturation tanks are more awesome than we could have anticipated.  Our yeast are happily enjoying their controlled environments and us multi-celled critters are enjoying some much needed rest and peace of mind (thanks be to the beer gods for no more midnight temperature checks!) 

We are proud to be so hands on with the creation of our beers, but it is nice to have some automated peace of mind.  With the summer months approaching our brewers couldn’t be more grateful for the added amenities and capacity, sure we could have done without the transformer and pump failures, but we’re happy to have everything up and running!  The last two weeks have been a blur of organizing, bottling and brew days.  Months of setbacks and sweat equity are finally going to pay off.  Get ready world...we are coming at you with everything we’ve got

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