Monday, September 28, 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

No... I'm not just talking about what I did to myself this weekend although; I did have the pleasure of experiencing the 1st and 2nd degree flavors of burn. Don’t worry, it was nothing major.

What is far more interesting and brewery relevant is the ridiculous heat generating machines that we installed over the last few weeks. I think that we are getting close to 500K BTU in fire power, literally. Check this puppy out. It’s a venerable fire breathing dragon. In fact they call that black part on the top a power burner; essentially it’s a flame thrower. It blows hell fire straight into everything else you see below, which is the chaos containment unit that diverts the explosive force toward the brewhouse.

So the next step is to idiot proof the whole room so I don’t burn myself to a crisp. If the last 72 hours is any indicator of the future, I’m surely screwed.

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