Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For those of you that know me, I am no stranger to rambling. I didn't rock the mutton chops from my past but I man handled this truck like the roadman veteran that I am. I'm not sure if its the long hours behind the wheel or the stand up folk at the truck stops across America but I have a hard time turning down a ramble.

Yes, it is very long... did I mention long?

Indians made it, in the central valley, an hour away from Bakersfield, at a truck stop. Are you scared of curry?

Gee, that's one big can of beer. Will you be my friend?

Could I have a side of sick ass Impala with my brew?

The crazy thing was that we had an easy 6" on the average semi, striking fear in the hearts of men passing under bridges anywhere close to 14'6".

The Bud "factory" gets no sympathy, no matter the hour.

These dudes, Jason and Jason, are technicians, hands down the sickest equipment movers around. But, wait.. is that 97 kegs?! Rosco moved those 3 times that day, ladies be afraid... biceps here I come.

It glorious! Despite the worlds best efforts to slow us down, every once in a while it provides us a chance for progress. It might not be a cure for cancer or get rid of your ex-wife but what were doing might take the edge off. - Cheers

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  1. Dude you gotta bring back the muttons!! Sorry to have missed this last ramble. I'm good for the next one. Let me know if you drive to Tracy and need $$ for a lotto ticket!!