Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Real Thing

Our Common Californian is one of the Worlds greatest beers, although it is not known to many. The reality is that it is anything but common and this last batch is just a bit further out of the ordinary. We used about 75% fresh hops, straight off the vine, the real thing.

It a takes quite a bit more fresh hops than dry whole or pellet hops to get the same effect, about 6:1. The hops also impart some very different flavors because the acids and oils have not been degraded during the drying process and there is still water in the flowers.

A unique beer style to California,
California Common or Steam Beer, will be one of our staples. We think it is delicious and so do you! We have experimented with all kinds of ingredient and yeast combinations with great results and will continue to do so. I once witnessed a young lady throw out a disgruntled “Shit” when she realized the keg was empty. She refused to drink anything else for the rest of the night. That’s a true Californian!

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  1. Dang. Marry that gal, would you? After you get a new keg, of course ....